T.J. Maxx Job Application. How to apply for a job?

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T.J. Maxx, often written as T.J.Maxx, is the American chain of department stores. It is owned by the TJX Companies Corporation. The corporation operates more than 3600 stores in 9 countries with approximately 216 thousand workers. These department stores sell the off-price designer clothes and other fashionable products purchased by the expert buyers from thousands of manufacturers worldwide at the bargain prices.

The strategy allows the company to offer customers 20%–60% discounts off the usual retail prices for such products. The company was established in 1956 as the Zayre Corporation. The corporation owned the chain of discount department stores. In 1988 the TJX Companies Corporation got its modern name. In 2015 revenue of the company was $30.9 billion. In 2016 the company has been holding the 89th place in the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies. Headquarter of the TJX Companies Corporation is situated in the Framingham town, Massachusetts.

Careers at T.J. Maxx

Careers at T.J.Maxx

There are many excellent career opportunities at both T.J. Maxx and the TJX Companies Corporation in general. Any person even with very basic skills like reading can apply for a suitable job position and then learn according to his/her own abilities. Here is the quotation from the TJX Companies Corporation main website (www.tjx.com).


We must attract ambitious and talented individuals, teach them the fundamentals of our off-price model, offer challenging assignments and support career growth so that Associates join us for a job and stay to build a career.

A buyer position within the Merchandising Division is one of the most enchanting positions. Buyers travel around our planet in order to find wonderful products at bargain prices. These treasure hunters purchase their discoveries and organize delivery to the stores so that the goods could find their new owners. Buyers manage millions of dollars and negotiate with manufacturers in many countries. The work requires continuous training, exploration of new ideas as well as the ability to make important decisions instantly. The company has a college recruiting program and invites talented college graduates to apply for the Merchandising positions either for an internship or for a career.

There also are “calmer” job positions like managers, accountants, technical workers and employees who communicate with the customers. Communication with the customers requires patience and ability to resolve complicated situations peacefully. Certain jobs require good physical abilities because the worker are supposed to move all the time and carry heavy goods at the store. For each type of work there are several levels of skills and responsibilities. Thus, a new employee has a chance to travel up the entire career ladder from the bottom to the top.

The TJX Companies Corporation also offers young people positions for their summer vacations. Work at the large successful company gives excellent life experience that can be very useful later. The company operates stores on three continents. The fact explains the diversity of positions and career opportunities within T.J. Maxx. The company strives to create comfortable working environment for everyone of any gender, ethnicity, race and age.

Benefits of working at T.J. Maxx

Benefits of working at T.J.Maxx

Work at T.J. Maxx and the entire TJX Companies Corporation brings benefits common for such employment — discounts for the products sold by the company, the 401(k) profit sharing, paid time off, including vacations, holidays, leaves and sick time, medical insurance, compensation for dental services, monetary support during a disability and so on. List of benefits depends on the position of the worker within the company, the amount of working time, on location of the facility as well as on the number of other factors.

For example, workers at the central office of the company enjoy numerous additional conveniences. Alongside with the benefits mentioned there are benefits unique for this company such as flexible working time and friendly working environment.

Applying for T.J. Maxx jobs online

Applying for T.J.Maxx jobs online

Procedure of application for a job differs for different categories of workers. The application process is best to be started on the (www.tjx.com)main website of the TJX Companies Corporation on the Employment Opportunities page in the Careers section.


Those who want to get a job that requires basic skills only should use the (www.tjxjobs.com) website. This site helps to find the nearest place with the suitable vacancy. The procedure starts with printing the application form out, writing required information into the form and bringing it personally to the desired place of future work. This website advises to fill separate forms for each desired job position.

Persons who have advanced skills and want to apply for the leading jobs should use this (www.successfactors.com) website. On the website they can find suitable vacancies and submit their applications online or through other methods. These methods include filling in the usual paper application form, applying through social networks and application on the website. The persons with valuable talents are encouraged to travel or to relocate to the places where their abilities are needed the most.

Job application form

Job application form

The job application form can be found at least on two different websites. The first place is the (www.tjx.com) TJX Companies Corporation main website.



The second place is the (www.tjxjobs.com) special Website for the numerous vacancies that do not require advanced skills.



This application form is similar to application forms of other companies. It mostly contains standard questions about an applicant but also has several interesting details. The first peculiarity is that the company does not specify the schedule and other requirements for the workers. It is for the applicants to inform the company about their abilities and preferences. On the basis of the information the company strives to use talents of the workers in the mutually beneficial way.

The second peculiarity is that the TJX Companies Corporation states explicitly that the company is equal opportunity employer committed to diversity at the workplace. At the same time the section of the form to be filled in by the manager includes the notification about the WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) status of the applicant. This means that the company takes into account the taxation incentives that encourage employers to hire certain categories of workers.


Yet another explicit confirmation of this policy exists on the (www.tjx.com) TJX Companies Corporation main website where college graduates and military veterans are invited to work at the company.


Having military veterans and college graduates working at the company complies with the taxation incentives which is mutually advantageous for the workers and the company. This policy helps to establish productive working environment.

Job application tips and application status

Job application tips and application status

College degree and experience of serving in the army will be helpful when applying for a job position. Both of these categories of workers are of great interest for the employer thanks to the taxation incentives and useful skills. Combination of these experiences will improve the chances of getting the job for an applicant. It is advised to wear business style clothes for the interview.

The most important requirement for the workers is to be honest which includes honesty to oneself. This virtue will help applicant to choose correct vacancy relevant to his/her own true wishes and abilities, to fill the application form correctly and to pass the interview successfully. An applicant should not squeeze oneself into the imaginary perfect frame. Honest answers will give the company a chance to propose suitable job for the honest worker. In any case, applicant should understand that the information provided may be checked. Should the fact that the information is not true come out there is almost no chance for the applicant to get the position.

After an applicant brought the application form and answered the questions at the interview managers are to choose those who fit the best for the position from all the applicants. This process takes time so the applicant should wait for the decision. The application form is considered active for 90 days. If no notification is received by the end of the period the applicant can contact the company to get to know the status of the application. He/she can also submit a new application form.