American Eagle job application. How to Apply for a Job?

American Eagle job application

The Company

American Eagle Outfitters is one of the largest North American retailers, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1977 by Jerry and Mark Silverman and since then has expanded to 19 countries and opened over a thousand stores, combined with its Aerie brand. It used to promote other subsidiary brands such as 77kids and Martin+Osa but had to shut them down due to financial failure. The company’s retail items are also shipped to 81 countries all around the world. American Eagle Outfitters mainly targets teenagers and young adults, selling on-trend clothing and accessories. Aerie brand offers lingerie to young female customers. Operating over a thousand stores in the United States, American Eagle provides nearly 40,000 jobs and is constantly looking for new talents to join its professional team.

Applying for American Eagle Jobs

American Eagle Outfitters is a great place to work for students and other individuals who seek part-time employment. Their multiple stores are typically located in malls and additional help is required during rush hours or holidays. Another advantage is that many retail positions do not require specific education or experience and young individuals are welcome to apply for greeter, stock associate or sales associate position. These jobs may want you to start from minimum wages, but flexible schedule, employee benefits and promotion opportunities for devoted individuals should be a good motivation. An applicant can apply though American Eagle official website at or hand in the application directly to the manager at any retail store. Senior positions, including managerial or corporate jobs are also available.

Careers at American Eagle

Careers at American Eagle


This job title involves meeting and greeting customers in retail stores. Greeters often share responsibilities with sales associates, including operating the registers or answering general questions about the clothing and other merchandise. This position will demand the ability to work long hours on foot, particularly during busy hours or national holidays. It is an entry-level job that does not require specific qualifications or experience. However, the applicants must be friendly, knowledgeable and preferably apt in fashion. All new-hires will go through necessary trainings, including verbal and visual demonstrations, before proceeding to the duty. It is a perfect job for those who seek part-time employment as greeters are usually scheduled for rush hours and may work 15 to 30 hours/week. Applicants can expect minimum wages at the start, but it should not take long for devoted individuals to get promoted to sales associate or managerial position.

Sales Associate

Sales Associates at American Eagle Outfitters are responsible for greeting and consulting the clients, assisting the customers with fitting room needs, renewing inventories, setting up shelves, folding clothes, operating the registers, opening and closing the store. They also need to prevent thefts. Like greeter, sales associate is an entry-level job and having specific employment history is not mandatory when applying for the position. The hiring specialist will be interested in your communication skills, ability to work in a team, reliability and motivation. If you do have experience in retail, particularly in a similar role, it will be a sound advantage during the hiring process. Sales associates may start with minimum wages and get a raise to $10.00–$11.00 based on performance.

Stock Associate

Stock Associates are the ones who unload shipments, keep the storage areas organized and assist merchandisers and sales associates in building displays or rearranging them. This job title involves heavy lifting, namely the ability to lift 50lbs without discomfort or health hazard. You may also need to operate dollies or forklifts. Hence good health, organizational skills and diligence are the main qualities that will be considered during the hiring process. Like Greeters and Sales Associates, Stock Associates may start with a minimum wage and expect a raise based on performance.


Apart from entry-level jobs American Eagle Outfitters offers opportunities for experienced individuals with strong organizational skills. A manager’s main duty is to maintain profitability of a store by keeping his employees motivated and helping the best performers to develop. Duties also include recruiting, evaluating, assigning tasks and schedules, doing payroll procedures, implementing promotional strategies and keeping up to the company’s business plan. Another important duty is keeping the clients happy by resolving eventual complaints and delegating jobs to responsible associates. Unlike entry-level jobs, this position requires certain qualifications and education.

High school is a minimum while a Bachelor’s degree is preferable. Previous retail experience is a must. Apart from formal education, applicants will need to prove their analytical, problem-solving, organizational and interpersonal skills during the hiring process. They also need to be ready to work long hours in a fast-paced environment. Successful applicants can expect a salary ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on location, experience and performance. On top of the salary, managers get access to the company’s benefits, including retirement plan, medical insurance and other bonuses.

Apart from retail store jobs, American Eagle offers opportunities in a number of other corporate departments, including design, distribution, merchandising, IT, finance, HR, logistics, production, real estate and more.

Job Application Tips and Application Status

Application Tips and Application Status

When filling out the American Eagle online application, make sure to give answers to all of the questions asked. Take your time to go through the questionnaire and fill in all the fields. It is easy to make a bad impression on the recruiter even online by skipping some of the fields.

Despite the possibility to submit your resume online, it could be a smart idea to go directly to the location you would like to work at and hand in your application in person. This will let you meet the manager and give you the chance to make a great first impression. This may also indicate that you are an outgoing and initiative person. Your task is to look and sound appealing enough to beat the other applicants for the same job. Do not be shy and show your bright colors when speaking to the manager. However, only give truthful and honest information as it may be checked. When filling out the application, use blue or black colored pen and make sure that you write distinctively and neatly.

Orderly and clear application may hint at your diligence and organizational skills. Highlight any relevant experience and work history as it can contribute greatly to positive decision. Include your full resume and cover letter to the application, as well as the copies of any certifications, trainings and degrees that you’ve reached. Keep your resume up to date. Mention some personal or business references and provide their contact information. It would be great if you had connections with American Eagle employees and they could provide you with a reference. If there is a field in the application that you are not sure about, don’t leave it blank. Specify that you will discuss it later in person during an interview.

If invited to an interview, take your time to dress appropriately as the first impression matters most. Be proud of yourself and showcase your abilities and talents in the best light. Find out several important facts about the company and show interest in its products.

American Eagle recruiters often make final decisions during the interview and inform you about the result straight away or it can take up to several weeks and you are expected to wait for information. However, you can prove your motivation and interest in the job by checking on the application status by telephone or personally several days after the interview. Do not be afraid to visit the store and inquire about your application status. If you do not get a job at first attempt, you will probably remain in the pool of candidates and might be contacted upon the demand.

Benefits of Working at American Eagle

Benefits of Working at American Eagle

Wages paid at American Eagle vary significantly depending on experience and performance. New-hires may start from minimum wage and expect a raise to $9.00–$10.00 an hour in short time. Apart from wages, both part-time and full-time employees are eligible for generous benefits from the company. Even the new employees can count on flexible work schedule, sound discounts on the brand’s clothing and merchandise, free training programs, paid holidays and vacations, sick leave and minor bonuses such as casual workplace attire, corporate events, onsite dry cleaning services and more. Senior employees can secure a generous health plan, including dental and vision insurance, short-term and long-term disability coverage, the 401(k) retirement plan. Based on position, some employees can have access to stock purchase and profit sharing plans.

How to Apply for a Job

There are basically two ways to apply for a job at American Eagle Outfitters. The fastest and the easiest one is to fill out an online application on the company’s webpage. You will be able to sort out the positions by states, locations, job titles etc. and submit your resume along with cover letter in as little as several minutes.

Another way to submit the application is to hand it in to a store manager. This will require more time, but will let you meet in person with the company’s representative and cast a positive impression.