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Starbucks Application

The Company

Founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington as a coffee bean retailer, Starbucks turned into the global leader in coffeehouse business with more than 22,000 stores around the world and over 12,000 in the United States alone. Named after a Moby Dick character, the company started from a single store in Pike Place Market, Seattle, and offered some of the finest fresh-roasted coffee beans. In 1987 Strarbucks was purchased by Howard Schultz, who turned it into the network of renowned coffeehouses. Today the company is one of the most renowned American franchises that holds on to the highest standards of products and customer service. This is provided by thousands of open-minded and dedicated employees who see Starbucks both as a perfect place to earn work experience and as a ground for personal growth and brilliant career.

Applying for Starbucks Jobs Online

Applying for Starbucks Jobs

Once you’ve reached the age of 16 you are welcome to apply for entry-level positions at Starbucks. It’s a company that is youth friendly and part-time jobs are available along with full-time jobs. Starbucks takes pride in creating diverse work environment where all employees, or partners, are treated with respect and dignity.

The Company makes no judgement based on social status, age, sex, race, national origin, marital status or sexual orientation and is renowned for creating a united team of professionals with nothing but positive attitude towards the customers and fellow employees. With almost 13,000 locations in the United States alone Starbucks is constantly hiring new staff. However, as there may be no positions available at certain coffee shops, it’s recommended to be flexible and be ready to commute or relocate if hired.

Online Job Application Form

There are generally many positions available with the company, from retail stores to corporate jobs, though individuals with little or no experience are expected to take up the entry-level barista job and look for promotion inside the company based on successful performance. Applications are submitted through the company’s official website, but you can also receive any helpful information from the store managers.

Download (PDF)

Here you can download Starbucks printable online job application (PDF): Starbucks Job Application (PDF)

Careers at Starbucks

Careers at Starbucks

The most recognizable coffeehouse is constantly looking for great staff to work at thousands of locations around the globe. Both part-time and full-time job seekers are welcome to apply for various positions, entry-level or managerial. Customer service positions are generally available for those who share the company’s values and are ready to create the moments of connection with the clients by making their day. Here are the main job titles at Starbucks:

Barista — This is a typical entry-level job to start your career with the Company. It involves constant interaction with customers and setting up their days through positive attitude and excellent service. Preparation of drinks and food handling is the technical part of the job. Basic knowledge of coffee equipment and coffee preparation is normally required. Responsibilities include but are not limited to taking orders, ringing up purchases, preparation of orders, answering any questions concerning products and services, cleaning work places, sweeping or mopping floors and taking trash away. The new-hires are usually offered part-time hours and are paid minimum wages. They can soon be promoted to full-time schedule and get a raise to $10.00 or $11.00 hourly wages.

Cashier — Some locations with heavy customer traffic require the hire of people to work exclusively as cashiers. Their work duties range from completing transactions on registers to customer service, food handling and sanitation. Such employees pick up minimum wages that may be complemented with tips.

Manager — There is a wide range of careers in management, including shift supervisor, shift manager, assistant store manager, store manager, district manager and regional manager. Applicants looking for work in management must typically be at least 18 and have at least a year of experience behind, six of them assuming leadership responsibilities. Supervisors’ duty is to lead teams of baristas, assign schedules, provide training for new-hires and take part in administrative tasks when necessary. Assistant store managers are required to have at least two years of related experience in retail or restaurants, proven delegation skills, and be able to motivate individuals. Responsibilities include reviewing data and proceeding, implementing various initiatives, including promotions, sales and other campaigns, as well as organizing teamwork. Store manager positions are virtually similar, but require additional related experience and at least a year of work, assuming supervision functions. Financial experience contributes to successful application process for this job title. Shift supervisors are subject to hourly pay rates ranging from $8.00 to $12.00. Assistant store managers can start from $25,000 a year and expect a rise to an average of $45,000, with store managers picking up around $60,000 a year.

Apart from retail positions, experienced professionals can look into corporate positions in different departments, including administrative support and customer service; channel and business development; finance and accounting; global supply chain; global technology (IT); legal; marketing; human resources; public affairs, communications and community; research and development; store development, design and creative studio.

Application Tips and Application Status

Starbucks Application Tips and Application Status

Starbucks is a unique place to start your career. Once you are hired, you will be working in a company that is present in over 60 countries, offers generous benefits and supports personal growth. However, even the entry-level positions such as barista will require you to prove positive attitude and solid understanding of the tasks and responsibilities. The knowledge of Starbucks products will be very helpful as it can reduce the duration of the training program and you can commence on full-time work sooner. As you will be serving food and drinks to the customers it is essential to stay clean and be up to this task in all other ways.

Working in retail stores involves constant interacting with customers during the entire shift so make sure you are ready to be friendly and be able to follow directions well at all times regardless of the customer’s state of mind and ability to express clearly. Every employee is expected to make customers feel special on daily basis, so you will be required to show great attitude and desire to learn once invited for an interview. Prove your willingness to follow this corporate culture during the application process as it plays a huge part in the company’s business.

Previous work experience is not mandatory while applying for entry-level positions, however, make sure to indicate the skills you have in serving food or customer service, if you have any. This is essential both for initial hire decision and eventual promotions.

It is also helpful to get familiarized with the corporate standards, policies and environmental programs, enhanced by Starbucks prior to the interview. This will tell the human resources specialist that you are genuinely interested in the company and are ready to stick to corporate standards.

Once you’ve submitted an application, allow the company’s human resources specialists some time to review it along with the ones from other candidates. If there is no answer for a week or two you might visit the store at the location that you indicated while applying and talk to the manager at the time suitable for him, generally during slow hours. Do not be excessively persistent but show your interest in the job by making appropriate inquiries.

When applying for a management position at Starbucks, be prepared to prove your previous related work experience before you can take on the job. Also note that Starbucks implements high corporate standards that are to be followed by local branches should they want to work under Starbucks name. If you are part of a Starbucks store located inside a shopping mall or any another business, you will be expected to keep up to the standards of both companies and this can be very demanding for the managers.

A related degree or any other advanced training is typically required if you are willing to apply for corporate positions as they can be very demanding. You will be expected to have a close look at the responsibilities common for the job you are interested in and figure out whether you are a perfect fit for it. Be prepared to prove your worth and explain why you are the best candidate for the position. A complete list of requirements and qualifications for all positions is available at Starbucks career center page on their official website.

Benefits of working at Starbucks

Starbucks benefits

Starbucks is proud to offer a lucrative range of benefits for their employees, both part-time and full-time, who work 20 and more hours per week. In the company’s terminology, the social package is called “Your Special Blend” and includes the 401 (k) retirement plan, health insurance for the employee and his dependents that includes dental, vision and medical coverage, an opportunity to complete an online Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University with all tuition costs covered by the company, 30% store discounts and some free products on weekly basis, such as a pound of coffee or a pack of tea. Starbucks offers their employees to purchase stock equities at discounted prices.

Recognition programs, sabbaticals and other vacation bonuses also apply. The company supports adoption initiatives and provides assistance if required. On top of that Starbucks offers competitive wages that may vary depending on your skills, experience and performance. The company strives to stick to diversity ideas and provides equal opportunity for applicants regardless of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age and any other social status.

How to Apply Online for a job at Starbucks

Starbucks applications

All Starbucks applications are submitted online and the printable versions are not accepted. If you are a motivated individual willing to join a dynamic team of professionals and grow in a fast-paced yet fun environment, visit the company’s official website, scroll to the bottom and find the career center. This is where you can find information about various retail positions, including barista, store supervisor, assistant manager or store manager, and corporate jobs. Clicking on the desired position will move you to the page where you can find extensive information, summarizing key responsibilities, basic required qualifications and skills. Then you can proceed to choosing any location and filling in the application.

Downloadable Job Application (PDF): Starbucks Job Application (PDF)

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