Hollister Job Application. How to Apply for a Job?

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The Company

Hollister Co., launched in 2000, is a retail store chain providing customers with high-end fashion at affordable prices. It is a division of Abercrombie and Fitch with the revenue of $1.5 billion in 2010. The brand is aimed at attracting teenage customers with casual wear of the Southern Californian style. Hollister is also notable for being once ranked as second best clothing brand for teens in the US among many other companies on the market.

With its first shop opened in Ohio in 2000 Hollister now owns stores in 578 locations around the world including Italy, Germany, Spain and Ireland and planning to expand to Australia and the Middle East opening its surf inspired shops.

Hollister Co. is a great company to embark on a career or to join the fashion industry market with its wide range of employment opportunities for recent graduates as well as strong professionals. Candidates can chose different options ranging from internship to the full-time job.

Applying for Hollister Jobs Online

Hollister Co. California

Hollister with its variety of job opportunities and equal approach to each applicant is a perfect company to start a career or join it as a professional. With the minimum Hillister job application age of 16 Hollister welcomes high school and college students offering them precious experience in obtaining client service skills as well as working with the fast developing fashion brand. Positions with Hollister are generally broken down into two types:

  • store opportunities, which include models, impact team members and managers in training;
  • home office opportunities offering careers for recent graduates and experienced professionals.

Job Application Form

To apply online for store opportunities, please visit www.anfcareers.com/Page/In-Store

Home office opportunities are listed here www.anfcareers.com/Page/Home-Office

Among the entry level positions there are cashier and sales assistant, responsible for ringing up purchases and making sure every customer leaves the store satisfied, full time stock, floor model and impact team member. Generally, Hollister offers diverse jobs for specialists in broad fields which include logistics analyst, merchandise planner, designer, loss prevention manager, associate financial analyst, recruiter, internet photo specialist and others.

Careers at Hollister Co.

Careers at Hollister

As a rapidly growing company Hollister is expanding its team steadily hiring cordial people, passionate about clothing industry and fashion brands.

New employees at Hollister Co. are usually expected to work 15 to 25 hours per week. There are also some jobs with flexible or specific schedule like overnight worker and impact team member. A weekly schedule for managers includes 25 to 40 working hours. Apart from high school diploma and appropriate personal qualities for customer service successful applicants should be physically fit to be able to work long shifts on foot and stock out merchandise without tiring.

The original feature of Abercrombie Company is the titles of its job positions. The ones that cater well for the entry-level applicants are:

Full time stock — Duties include maintaining stock, unloading and managing shipments and processing goods coming to the store.

Impact Team Member — These employees are responsible for arranging and constructing displays as well as filling them with stock and keeping them tidy. This job includes a fair amount of physical activity and requires good communication skills as impact members work as part of teams. Aspiring candidates may have in view that such personal qualities as diligence and reliability are a strong and valuable addition in terms of hiring consideration. Applying for a part-time position one should bear in mind that this may include working late hour schedules. Impact team members earn about $9.00 hourly with experience but the starting wage level is minimal.

Floor Model helps promoting the brand and delivers its image to clients. They wear actual Hollister clothes stocked at the store and assist customers in assembling outfits and choosing accessories. One of the requirements for this job type is a good physical form. Floor Models also act like customer service representatives meeting the clients, providing information about the brand and collections which makes the job suitable for open, sociable and extraverted candidates. Passion for fashion and desire to work in a trendy environment are a huge advantage during hiring. Floor models’ wages range from minimum hourly level to $9 per hour.

Management — Candidates applying for managerial positions should present background in leadership and retail sales. However, successful impact team members and floor models also have a chance to be promoted and embark on a managerial career. Main responsibilities of a manager are supervising the employees and hiring new staff, drawing up schedules and tracking them, checking the stock and making orders. Another crucial duty is communication with customers, predicting their needs and demands as well as reacting to it. Managers can expect the average salary of $30,000 per year which rises with experience.

Job Application Tips and Application Status

Application Tips and Application Status

If you want to embark on a career with Hollister start with applying online or directly in any store.

To find the form for online job application you need to enter the main website ‘about us’ page and click on careers link there which will lead you to Abercrombie&Fitch careers site where you will choose the position you are interested in.

Another way is to go directly to careers.hollisterco.com with a whole number of locations and positions listed there.

The website can only be entered using a special password which can be received from a manager in store. Start with submitting the application at a shop if you do not have the password.

If you have previously contacted Hollister hiring staff and have obtained the password you may proceed with applying online. First, you need to choose the location where you prefer to work. Follow the link ‘store’ if you would like to work in a store. This will lead you to the page with the number of in-store positions, including modeling and management. Under each position you will find a list of required qualifications and the details of the jobs. After having decided which position to choose you will be asked to provide personal data including name, address, phone number, SSN and the date when you are willing to start a job. The next section is about your education and work experience. Make sure you fill it in correctly as the hiring staff may check your background which you accept by submitting the application.

Hollister Co. hiring process is famous for its group interviews at the store on chosen dates which you select at the end of the job application process.

Before applying make sure you have read and understood job requirements and work schedule mentioned on the website. When you proceed with filling in the application pay special attention to the spelling and grammar as this is what a manager notices at a glance. Consider the style and the relevancy of your answers, bearing in mind that the answers to the application questions are your prime chance to impress the hiring manager. Think of the ways to highlight you qualifications that comply with the job requirements as well as your education, trainings and job experience. Take your time while filling in the application, check all the sections twice and make sure your answers express your personality.

To find out the status of your application filled out online or in-store, please, contact the recruiting staff at a chosen store.

Successful applicants are invited for a personal or group interview. Normally, group interviews are held at the store and last half an hour. The applicants are basically asked three types of questions: the ones dedicated to the applicant’s attitude to working environment and working process, a number of funny questions aimed at grasping a bit of personality and several questions about the edgy fashion trends and basic Hollister Co. features.

It is highly recommendable to dress Hollister Co. clothing as sign of brand loyalty. To impress the hiring staff try to choose different Hollister outfits for each part of the interview. Don’t be afraid to express all you interest in fashion industry and trends knowledge. The aspiring candidate is also expected to show experience, mindset and a strong zeal to become part of Hollister community.

Benefits of Working at Hollister

Hollister Benefits

Hollister Co. full-time employees enjoy 20% discount and the discount provided to part-time workers amount to 10%. The members of Hollister Co. can expect six paid holidays during the year.

Among the other benefits provided for Hollister team are paid training sessions, flexible scheduling opportunity and promotion chances. Along with that managers are offered:

  • healthcare coverage
  • 401 (k) retirement plan
  • life insurance options
  • sick pay
  • vacation pay
  • holiday pay

How to Apply Online for a Job at Hollister Co.

An aspiring Hollister Co. employee should first fill in the job application in-store or contact hiring staff to get the password and proceed with applying online. If the application is considered successful by the recruitment department they may also check the background submitted. To learn the status of the application the candidate should get in touch with the hiring personnel. The next step for the selected applicants is personal or group interview. During the interview the candidate is expected to show brand loyalty, work experience, communication skills, personal qualities required for the job position and desire to develop professionally in fashion industry.

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