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Family Dollar is a large chain of over 8,100 small discount retail stores all over the United States, headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina. They sell general merchandise, basic products at budget prices, often a dollar or two. When their first store was launched by Leon Levine in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1959, the prices did not exceed two dollars. With time the upper price limit shifted, but they continued to offer grocery, general household items and clothing at affordable prices which has brought them success over the years.

However, apart from attractive price policy that takes millions of customers to their stores, Family Dollar take pride in providing over 50,000 jobs and having helpful, friendly and professional employees who ensure great customer experience and smooth business processes day in day out. They have built a solid corporate system that encourages every ambitious employee to reach higher and look for promotion. A high school graduate who joins the company as an entry-level customer service associate can become a store manager and make a career in corporate office.

Online Family Dollar Job Application

Big company name, training and development programs, career opportunities, decent remuneration and benefits make Family Dollar a perfect place to start a career or join them as a specialist. With over 8,000 retail stores, distribution system and corporate offices that keep expanding rapidly across the United States, Family Dollar are constantly creating new jobs and recruiting new employees to ensure their business is running smoothly.

It can be a great first work place for high school graduates with no experience or young people with little experience. They are hiring all year around and applicants are welcome to submit a general resume with preferred positions to enter the pool of potential candidates. Once there is an open position matching your experience near your location, the human resources specialist will contact you to proceed with application. If you are applying for a certain job opening, submit your application outlining your relevant experience, availability and motivation. If your resume passes the initial screening you will be offered to have a personal interview.

Job Application Form

Job Application Form

You can find the actual job openings and fill in the job application form on Family Dollar official webpage

PDF Application Form: isn’t available.

Careers at Family Dollar

Family Dollar careers can be sorted into three categories: Store careers, Distribution center careers and Store support center careers.

Store careers offer opportunities in retail stores and vary from entry-level positions to management positions.

Stock Associate — Duties include but are not limited to unloading shipments, keeping the storage area organized, displaying the goods and keeping the shelves stocked and tidy. Candidates are required to be able to lift up to 50 pounds and spend most of the day on foot. The wages are expected to range from minimum hourly level to $9 an hour.

Customer Service Representative — The face of the company. They are the ones who meet customers in stores, provide information about the products as well as a full range of services. They may share duties with stock associates in displaying the products, unloading shipments. Operating cash registers is another responsibility. Starting from the minimum hourly wages customer service representatives can expect up to $9 when experienced enough.

Management — Includes Assistant store manager and Store manager. Main responsibilities are supervising the employees, providing them with schedules, performing administrative functions, hiring and training new employees, communicating with customers. Store management team is responsible for smooth running of the store and reporting to corporate office. Assistant store manager can expect the average wages of $10 to $12 an hour, while a store manager could pocket up to $40,000 a year.

Family Dollar has 11 Distribution Centers responsible for timely provision of the right amount of products to the stores. Careers at distribution centers include shipping loaders, bulk order fillers, forklift operators, repack order fillers, repack stockers, general warehouse jobs, maintenance jobs, security guards, yard switchers as well as managerial jobs.

Store support center offers corporate opportunities in finance, human resources, IT, legal, corporate communications, loss prevention, marketing, merchandising, procurement, real estate, store operations support, strategy and supply chain departments.

Apart from regular wages, all employees can count on such perks as overtime and holiday rates, raises and bonuses, free store items and discounts depending on experience and performance.

Job Application Tips and Application Status

Job Application Tips and Application Status

Family Dollar Job Applications can be submitted all year around even if there are currently no jobs available in your area. Both entry-level positions and management positions can be applied for on the company’s website. Make sure to indicate a preferred job title, branch or location when applying. The Family Dollar human resources team will check if there are open positions in the indicated location. Flexible people who can relocate easily have an advantage as they can be offered a position at a place different from the one indicated in the application.

So if you are not attached to a certain location, make sure to state it on the resume. Remember that you can apply for as many positions as you wish as many times as you want. However, remember that your previous experience and abilities must meet the requirements set for any of the jobs you are applying for.

Having submitted the online application at Family Dollar, the candidate needs to be ready to wait up to several weeks to hear from the company’s human resources department. Should the online application be successful, a personal interview is the next step. If you have applied for entry-level positions, questions about the plans for the future, personality and experience may be asked. While being interviewed for managerial positions, the applicant is expected to talk about previous work experience and achievements. If the job title requires specific skills and knowledge, the recruiter would most likely give the applicant a fictional situation to solve. For example, a marketing specialist will be asked to conduct a promotion campaign, while a potential salesperson will need to prove his sales abilities.

Candidates who have good knowledge of Family Dollar products have better chances of impressing the recruiter and getting the job. Yet, it is more important to prove your positive attitude and commitment to the company. Successful applicants for retail store positions that involve continuous interaction with customers will be screened for courtesy, customer-oriented personality, patience, problem-solving abilities, trustworthiness as well as the ability to be a great team player.

Practical tests and real-life situations that require solution are not uncommon during interviews. For example, if the candidate applies for a cashier position, he or she should obviously have at least basic math skills. Applicants for customer service representative position should prove their ability to assist the clients with any shopping questions. If you intend to become a store manager, you should be ready to prove your problem solving ability when a recruiter acts as a disappointed customer.

It normally takes a while for the recruiters to screen all the applications and candidates might need to wait up to several weeks before hearing from the company. If you want to make sure your application has reached the company’s human resources department and is being considered, you may contact the recruiters via telephone or email and inquire about the hiring process. However, it is important to keep your interest controlled and not to hang on hiring personnel by calls and emails. Ask the managers if you can contact them about the hiring process or wait for them to make a decision and inform you. Remember, there can be hundreds of resumes for certain positions and it takes time to study them and single out the best candidates. Do not be too annoying.

Benefits of Working at Family Dollar

Benefits of Working

Family Dollar might not offer extraordinarily salaries or outstanding bonuses, but they have competitive remuneration packages and encourage their successful employees with generous benefits based on experience and performance. Here are some of the main corporate benefits offered by the company:

  • 401(k) retirement plan that allows employees to save and plan for the future, as well as access to a number of luring banking services
  • Multiple health benefits, including medical insurance, vision benefits, dental benefits, prescription benefits, basic and voluntary life insurance, short-term disability and long-term disability. Family Dollar also promotes healthy lifestyle by offering wellness incentives and benefits.

Part-time employees are also eligible to some of these bonuses.

How to Apply Online for a Job at Family Dollar

The first step in embarking on Family Dollar career is submitting resume and application to the company’s website. The HR department screens the application and might check your background. This can take up to several weeks. Should their review be positive, you will be asked to meet in person for one-on-one or group interview.

During the interview you are expected to show your experience, mindset, personality, work ethic and commitment to impress the employers. If you have an opportunity to submit the application in person and talk to the recruiter, it could increase your chances of getting the job. Having a reference from a current Family Dollar employee will also be useful.

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