Motivating Your Employees – Change Your Attitude

Sad smiley


A while ago I used to have a manager that was a master of mobbing. We all “loved” her. She would burst into the room in the morning, always trying to surprise us while doing something illegal, she would never say “good morning”, she would throw her laptop on the desk and start working as if none of us were in the room. Imagine our rest of the day – we were all sad, our motivation was gone (had we had any left in the first place from the day before :)), we were all looking at the clock hoping it would miraculously turn to 5pm on the spot so we could all run to the tram. I wandered along the factory all day begging for a smile for anyone to brighten up my day…just a little at least as the dark clouds came over me again as soon as I entered our HR office.

Well, do you get it? See what’s wrong here? Of course! A manager is responsible for a lot of things and among them is team attitude. Your team looks up to you – you have a bad day – don’t let them see it because they will borrow your attitude and have a bad day also. You are nice and smiling all the time – they will be happy and smiling all the time. Genuine smile, I mean, not fake, they’re not stupid to buy it…
What can you do as a manager to motivate your team from this point of view?

Never enter the office in the morning without smiling and greeting them;

Always make eye contact while talking to your team members – it’s not fun for someone to stand by your desk and look at you while reading emails – that’s not a conversation;

Treat your team members with respect – remember they help you achieve your goals – no, really! You’re not alone there. You wouldn’t be able to achieve your team goals without your team;

-Never take in the office calls or have discussions where you estimate you would get angry – go in a separate room – an angry attitude from a manager shouting influences everybody, even if the manager is not shouting at someone present in the office;

Always offer negative feedback in a one-to-one meeting; positive feedback can be offered publicly;

Try to leave your personal issues at home;

Be positive, expect positive things from your team and they will achieve them – be negative and show them you don’t trust them (see my manager trying to catch us while doing something illegal – we neved did by the way) and they will dissappoint you;

Speak nicely of people, not necessarily your team members – your manager, your colleagues, your family. Your team will see that you are a good person and will appreciate the positive atmosphere you are creating;

Don’t be afraid to show them you have weakneses too – you are human too and they will see you as one of the team, having faith to come to you for an open discussion;

Roll up your sleeves – don’t give them tasks and flee. Try to show them you are able to work together with them on the tasks even if for some time. I know managers are busy, but taking the time to work by them will make them respect you. Trust me. You don’t want them to see you as a God from above that is almighty. You want them to respect and care for you. You will have your ups and downs and if they don’t respect and care for you, you will be alone during your downs;

Make time for them – even if a few minutes. They will appreciate it. A lunch out or even in the office together, a short meeting, a few minutes spent near your desk talking, try to make time for each of them;

Be fair – tream them equally when they go wrong or when they are successful;
What else would you add to my list?
Take care,